Why A Suh Sucks Blog?   7 comments

Why A Suh sucks blog?  Simple. I’m living in a state with double digit unemployment, where so many are struggling to even survive and we have a chump who won’t sign to play football for the Detroit Lions for five months out of the year, even though they already have millions on the table.

Athletes aren’t entitled to this much just because they can play with a ball.  You have ticket holders spending hard earned money to see a game, and this chump thinks he’s entitled to sit out until we give him even more millions than he’s already being offered.  He’s a chump and punk and I’m sick of it!

The Detroit Lions don’t need this punk chump if he doesn’t want to play.  We’ve lost high picks before or had them fail. Last thing our Detroit Lions need is to drop a wad on some self-entitled chump who doesn’t want to play and hasn’t even proven himself in the NFL.

SUH SUCKS!  You can contact me by leaving a comment on this page.


Posted August 3, 2010 by suhsucks

7 responses to “Why A Suh Sucks Blog?

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  1. You are a complete dick. This si the stupidest blog ever, are you 10 years old?

    • Yeah and when he sucks it up, you’ll be all like..NOOO I knew it all along, he was gonna suck Then you’ll rant about how the Lion’s should of drafted different and bla bla bla bla bla.

  2. Lion’s

    should of

    If you’re going to make a blog, fucking learn how to type and spell. You are a fucking moron, with stupid opinions, who is just dying for some attention.

    Well, here’s some.

  3. Somewhere there’s a donkey sex website who’s lost their donkey. Please do everyone a favor and go back there.

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