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Day 49 – The Big Ship Suh Is Falling Down   2 comments

Local, national and international acclaim floods in to the Suh sucks campaign on an hourly basis now. I’ve had to hire five outsourced Pakistani call center gals just to keep up with the calls and emails.

The big ship Suh is falling down.  It’s sinking in the sea of his own arrogance and sense of self entitlement.  Suh’s failure is sure.


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Day 39 Of Suh Sucks   Leave a comment

Yes it’s been quite a while since I last posted. I want to reassure you that the Suh Sucks campaign is still going strong. I had to take such a long break, because answering all the emails from supporters literally wore me out.

We saw a perfect example of Suh’s sense of being above the law and rules this preseason when he almost beheaded a quarterback.  Go back and look at the replay of that video.  Look at his body language as he clearly face masked and horse collared him.  His body language gives off an air of superiority as if he doesn’t have to obey rules.

This guy is scum.  Detroit will be sorry they ever drafted him.

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