Suh Sucks – The Hate Continues   1 comment

Welcome to day three of the Suh Sucks campaign.  The hate continues.

It’s one thing to hate on an over paid chump, it’s another thing to hate on the person whom is hating on the over priced chump.

Listen, if you’re going to hate on this blog and me, please at least attempt to be creative.  I keep hearing the same rehashed comments of scorn we see all over the Internet.  “Worse entry ever.”  “I’m stupider for reading this.”  “I lost so many minutes of my life reading this.”

Can’t you do better than that?  I really expect more from people with the initiative to jump in to my cesspool of craziness here.

Also, I know there will come a point where the haters will eventually agree with me on Suh.  It always happens, always!  Yet once they reach the conclusion I’ve already reached, the haters will find a way to both act as if they don’t agree with me, yet agree that Suh sucks.

It’s the ultimate talent for anyone posting on a blog or message board.  The ability to look like you don’t agree with someone, while finding a way to agree.  Oh the ultimate FOR THE WIN.  Pure Internet gold, as you attempt to reinvent the wheel and proclaim it a new invention.

To all whom already agree with me, keep on hatin.  To all whom disagree with me, why you be hatin?


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One response to “Suh Sucks – The Hate Continues

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  1. Suh is a fuckin faggot that plays cheap. I wanna see ray lewis steamroll his fat black overpaid ass and show him how to play Real football!!

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