Suh Apologizes   1 comment

The chump apologized for being late to camp.  Well thanks for the sympathy you overpriced diva.  Lion’s fans and your team can sleep in peace tonight knowing an unproven diva chump is sorry for being a diva.

He then went on to explain it’s just business.  Listen up chump, you skipped days of camp.  You created drama for the team and fans.  You’re not even proven yet.  We don’t want to hear about how business is business.

Rookie diva chumps, need to shut up and get to work.  Quit being a diva and become a work dog.  This isn’t California or New York.  We don’t tolerate all the dramatics in D-town.  We will boo your sorry lazy chump rump quicker than Ty Detmer can throw six interceptions in an opening season game.

Suh apologizes.


Posted August 5, 2010 by suhsucks in SuhSucks

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  1. Whos the Diva now bitch

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