Ndamukong Suh Sucks   Leave a comment

Listen, the self-entitled chump doesn’t want to sign.  $40 million isn’t enough to him, to play football five months out of the year.  This organization needs to quit losing sleep over this snot nosed, drama queen.  I’d rather lose this pick than sign him and end up with another lazy chump.  Maybe him and Mike Williams can go on Deal-A-Meal together.

This guys last name is one consonant sound away from sounding like ‘suck’, so maybe that’s a sign. Maybe this Detroit Lions organization should just read the tea leafs and let this drama queen go.  Let some other organization stroke his unproven ego.

Motor city has enough divas and at least those ones have proven they can put on show. They’ve earned their millions.  Unlike this dumb chump Suh.


Posted August 3, 2010 by suhsucks in SuhSucks

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