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Suh Sucks Goes National   Leave a comment

Welcome to day 12 of the Suh sucks campaign. Tonight the campaign goes national as the Detroit Lion’s and Suh, take on the Pittsburgh Steeler’s.

I expect greatness from every Lion but Suh.  Suh will be lazy, lax and lethargic.  He’s getting his paycheck and that’s all he wants.

That’s all.


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Day Nine – Will The Lions Have That Many Lives Under Suh?   Leave a comment

Amazingly this profound Suh Sucks campaign has reached day nine now. Not only am I receiving support from the fan base of our Detroit Lion’s, I’ve even had foreign ambassadors emailing me, asking for advice on foreign policy. They clearly see my insight and want my knowledge on even more complex matters.

All kidding aside, more people are agreeing with me.Even Bleacher Report agrees with this tiny upstart blog about Suh. Read more Here.

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Suh Catching Up To Do   Leave a comment

The Suh Sucks bandwagon is now more like a double decker train.  The rails may burst underneath because of all the followers, on this most holy day seven of the Suh sucks campaign.

Because this greedy, lazy chump who sits on his rump sat out days of practice, he now has some catching up to do according to Schwartz.

“But Ndamukong he came in, ran his conditioning test 45 minutes before practice, went out to practice and in his second day he’s in full pads. It’s a tough situation. His head was swimming. There’s a lot of ground that gets covered from a scheme standpoint and he has some catching up to do that way. But he’s OK physically.”  Quote

Nice huh?  He gets paid millions and the sucker is already behind.  The real sucker is the Detroit Lion’s organization.

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Winger Agrees With Suh Sucks – Midland Daily News   Leave a comment

Ok, agree is a strong word, but he certainly agrees with the tone of this blog about Suh.  This is day three of the Suh sucks campaign and support continues to grow.  We have fans joining and now even a small media outlet.

Join this fast growing bandwagon before it’s too late.  I’m getting scores of hits and scores of compliments on the stance I’m taking.

Winger says Suh needs to grow up. Read it here.

How hypocritical can they be? If they really want to play the game as they profess then they need to get their contracts settled and get to practice.

Suh Sucks – The Hate Continues   1 comment

Welcome to day three of the Suh Sucks campaign.  The hate continues.

It’s one thing to hate on an over paid chump, it’s another thing to hate on the person whom is hating on the over priced chump.

Listen, if you’re going to hate on this blog and me, please at least attempt to be creative.  I keep hearing the same rehashed comments of scorn we see all over the Internet.  “Worse entry ever.”  “I’m stupider for reading this.”  “I lost so many minutes of my life reading this.”

Can’t you do better than that?  I really expect more from people with the initiative to jump in to my cesspool of craziness here.

Also, I know there will come a point where the haters will eventually agree with me on Suh.  It always happens, always!  Yet once they reach the conclusion I’ve already reached, the haters will find a way to both act as if they don’t agree with me, yet agree that Suh sucks.

It’s the ultimate talent for anyone posting on a blog or message board.  The ability to look like you don’t agree with someone, while finding a way to agree.  Oh the ultimate FOR THE WIN.  Pure Internet gold, as you attempt to reinvent the wheel and proclaim it a new invention.

To all whom already agree with me, keep on hatin.  To all whom disagree with me, why you be hatin?

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Suh Apologizes   1 comment

The chump apologized for being late to camp.  Well thanks for the sympathy you overpriced diva.  Lion’s fans and your team can sleep in peace tonight knowing an unproven diva chump is sorry for being a diva.

He then went on to explain it’s just business.  Listen up chump, you skipped days of camp.  You created drama for the team and fans.  You’re not even proven yet.  We don’t want to hear about how business is business.

Rookie diva chumps, need to shut up and get to work.  Quit being a diva and become a work dog.  This isn’t California or New York.  We don’t tolerate all the dramatics in D-town.  We will boo your sorry lazy chump rump quicker than Ty Detmer can throw six interceptions in an opening season game.

Suh apologizes.

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Yes Suh’ree   Leave a comment

Day two of the Suh sucks campaign is in full force. I’m already seeing an increase in fan support.  Like recovering from a long mid-Sunday morning hangover, fans are slowly weening off the draft pick kool-aid and coming to their senses.

People will see Suh as the true money grubbing, lazy, over paid, chump that he is.

It’s not too late to join the bandwagon.  Join before he skips his first team meeting or before he’s caught breathing in Lewand’s car ignition breathalyzer.  By then it will be too late.  Of course most of you are used to hopping on a bandwagon then pretending you agreed all along.

I’ll keep some seats open for you.

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